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Local crime is decreasing but make sure you keep one step ahead of the ATM fraudsters

As we recently reported, crime in our area is reducing - partly due to our BID funded additional Police patrol hours.  However, ATM fraud is increasingly becoming a problem in all London Boroughs.

You can protect yourself from becoming a victim of ATM crime with these simple tips, compiled by
the major Banks, Westminster Council and the Metropolitan Police:

•  When using your card always shield your PIN and be aware of people around you

•  Do not be distracted by crimimals who may try to steal your card or cash

•  Never re-enter your PIN to retrieve a card unexpectedly retained by the ATM. Instead either alert a member of staff if available or contact your card issuer immediately
•  Be vigilant when you go to the cash machine, particularly at night. Avoid using a cash machine if suspicious-looking individuals are nearby

•  If anything looks suspicious or unusual when you are at the cash machine then do not use it. Either alert a member of staff if available or move a reasonable distance from the machine and telephone the Police

•  Do not let cards out of your sight even. Keep bags and wallets in your possession

•  Save the Lost/Stolen numbers of all your card issuers in your mobile, so you are able to contact them in case of an emergency

ATM locations within the London Bridge BID area can be seen on this map.

5 May 2011

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