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One year on - the Team London Bridge community waste recycling scheme celebrates its first year

If we ever needed evidence that a business community can achieve great things by working together, the Team London Bridge subsidised waste recycling scheme is it. One year into the programme and it continues to grow in terms of businesses signing up and the volume of waste being recycled rather than heading to landfill.
Since launching in September 2009 the scheme has:

  • Attracted over 50 businesses to sign up
  • Saved 81.18 tonnes of CO2
  • Saved over 405 trees (we would need to plant this many trees to save the same amount of CO2 saved)
  • Allowed 62% of waste collections to be made on same day (reducing vehicle movements)
  • Saved up to 75% of waste removal costs for some businesses

But there's still lots of work to be done. Team London Bridge and our contractors First Mile would like to see at least 100 businesses signed up to the programme in the near future.

One obstacle is the amount of waste removal contracts in larger buildings and estates that still have a long period to run and cannot be broken, meaning that London Bridge is one of the most challenging areas in the capital in which to alter recycling habits. Outside of these restraints we have made a very real and large impact on the rest of the area, increasing recycling and offering a fantastic service to local businesses.

Indeed, local businesses wanting to act 'responsibly' have never had so many opportunities. The Smart Green Business initiative was launched at City Hall in September to provide SMEs with a range of options to improve their green credentials, while the Team London Bridge Building Bridges programme allows our member organisations to help charitable groups in our wider community to achieve long term, sustainable goals.

To sign up to the subsidised recycling scheme, save your business money and help save the environment - call our experts FirstMile on 0800 612 9894 today.

For more information click here or contact Shane Clarke on 020 7407 4701 or email shane@teamlondonbridge.co.uk


22 October 2010

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