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What grants do Team London Bridge provide?

Team London Bridge is committed to building links with the residential community, inside and around what has become a vibrant business district.  We appreciate that not everyone has the time or energy to devote to first finding and then funding a good cause that they identify with.  This is why we set up the Building Bridges and Small Grant funds.  In this way every business that contributes to Team London Bridge through the BID levy can be part of a collective Corporate Responsibility (CR) policy for the area. 

Case studies are available for each project that has benefitted from the funds, for you to use in your annual report.  These can be downloaded from the Building Bridges and Small Grant Fund pages.

Why do we provide funding for community groups?

The Building Bridges and Small Grant funds help us all do more, with less.  Just over 5% of your BID levy contribution goes into these funds, yet the number of local organisations and the young people that have benefitted from this money is enormous.  An amazing variety of projects encourage young people to get involved in activities that they may not have had the opportunity or means to be able to do before.  The projects also teach them responsibility and the benefits of teamwork, in many cases they ready them for the world of work and even give them a place where they can feel accepted by an adult who is not their parent or teacher.  The ultimate aim is to have a youth community that is more positively engaged, involved and motivated, with a broader outlook on life, this is of course better for the local working and residential community but is also a contribution to a better and more skilled working population in years to come.  

The Building Bridges Taskgroup

A taskgroup of London Bridge-based business representatives is responsible for managing this area of our work and makes funding decisions at regular meetings. Group members are currently:

  • Bridge Lounge & Dining Room (Chairing)
  • Chubb Insurance 
  • Ernst & Young
  • Peter de Haan Charitable Trust
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • More London Estates
  • Southwark Council
  • Southwark Education Business Alliance
  • The Stress Exchange
  • WPF Therapy

This taskgroup manages the two different funds, both of which focus mainly in the Bermondsey area of Southwark.  The Team London Bridge Small Grants Fund offers grants of between £500 and £2,000 for community youth projects and activities being offered in Bermondsey.  The Building Bridges Fund is open to charitable organisations and is for a larger amount of funding.

Find out more about:

The Team London Bridge Small Grants Fund

The Building Bridges Fund

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The 2015/16 Small Grants Fund is open!The 2015/16 Small Grants Fund is open!
Each year TLB supports local community projects for amounts from £500-£2,000.
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